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The EEOC prepares helpful compliance guides for Employers in an easy to read question answer format. There are different compliance guides for various topics such as age discrimination, equal pay and disclosure of genetic information. Use the search feature or click on this link for a list of employer publications.

Washington's Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) includes references to regulatory statutes and the Washington Administrative Code, as well as links to recent and past decisions. Use this link to connect with recent PERC decisions.

A description of Washington's Disability protections, which differ from Federal Law. There are a number of helpful articles in this Technical Assistance link.

The Department of Labor website has numerous articles and information relating to federal regulations governing employers, including wage and hour compliance.

Here is a link to ADR Times, about the healing benefits of a workplace investigation.
Here is a link to, a resource for HR training videos and DVDs.
Here is a link to, How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation: Step-by-Step
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